"Bricks": Brace Coleburn

Affable giant, former union organiser, piece of work


Crew: The Golden Lotus
Class: Cutter
Heritage: Akoros
Background: Labour
Vice: Obligation (Family)
Look Keywords: Huge, Weathered, Affable.
Attire: Flat Cap, Heavy Jacket.

Friend: Marlane, a pugilist. Works at a gym in the docklands, occasionally trained workers from the factory. Sympathetic to the cause, and tight with a variety of bastards in the district.
Rival: Chael, a thug. Was paid by bosses to break up protests at the ironworks with extreme prejudice. Took a dislike to Coleburn after he taught Chael a lesson in not walking around by himself at night.

Actions: Skirmish 2, Wreck 2, Command 1, Survey 1
Abilities: Not to be Trifled With. You can push yourself to do one of the following: perform a feat of physical force that verges on the superhuman, or engage a small gang on equal footing in close combat.

Played by: Ray Stevenson


“Now listen – I’m giving you this chance because I think people look at you and say “there goes a man with his head screwed on”. I’d like them to keep saying that about you, instead of “there was a man who had his head screwed off with very sharp industrial equipment and thrown into the river”. See? I told you I was the nice one."

The bosses used to say Brace Coleburn was born for the smithy. Starting work at the age of eleven as a water-carrier, then becoming a piler as a teen and eventually a limestone-breaker in adulthood, Brace’s great strength and amiable disposition would have made him ideal for a lifetime of crushing toil at the Chanser and Murdock Ironworks in Coalridge. Unluckily for the management, Brace’s outlook was changed as a young man after he heard a firebrand unionist speak at a local pub against cruel working conditions. Galvanised by the speech, Brace joined his local underground union and began to meet in secret with employees from the ironworks and beyond, bringing in disenfranchised labourers from all over Doskvol.

Eventually, taking inspiration from protests held by the local miners, the Amalgamated Union of Industrial Labourers held their first great strikes. No stranger to violence, as all former street kids are not, Brace’s mettle was tested in a series of pitched battles with strikebreakers, and he made his name as a charismatic leader and a ferocious combatant. Messrs. Chanser and Murdock had other plans for him, however. Thrown in jail on trumped-up charges and blacklisted in every employer’s ledger, Coleburn did his time in Ironhook knowing that his family was fighting to survive outside, and mulling over the choices he’d have to make when he was freed.

When his time was served, Coleburn took his wife, a Skov refugee named Genevra, and their children, Brena and Ring, to live in an abandoned Coalridge flophouse in secret. With no income and all ties to the AUIL necessarily broken, he roamed the docklands looking for opportunities until he came across his old friend Marlane, a local boxer who supported the cause and had trained any number of thugs and scoundrels over the years. It was she who told Brace about the potential theft of a supply boat from the Red Sashes, backed up by a group of nascent scoundrels from across the Empire and beyond: a lithe Iruvian burglar, a fur-wearing tracker from the plains and a Tycherosi with entirely too many fingers…

Wielding his old sledgehammer and a wide grin, Brace is more likely to get his way with back-slapping bravado and charm than with violence, but the old union brawls instilled in him a secret love for bloodshed. The newly-minted Golden Lotus needs to carve out its place in Doskvol’s underworld by any means necessary, and the group’s enforcer now walks a tightrope between the gentleness of family life and the brutality of work. Can he maintain a balance between his two lives, or will hard choices prove them mutually exclusive?

"Bricks": Brace Coleburn

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